Amalfi Floral Design is a boutique, online floral studio. We are committed to the highest possible quality and care to ensure your flowers are enjoyed on receipt and for as long as possible in their lifespan. 

We’ve gone to great lengths to find the best varieties and suppliers for all our of our flowers, carefully managing our on hand quantities and utilising a specially designed cool fridge to properly hold any stock.

Flowers are perishable and a flowers life span is dependent on the variety, season, environment and care, resulting in varied life spans for different flowers.

Flower availability is dependent on seasonality, customs processes for imported goods and market availability.

By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge there may be material differences between images and produced goods.

All bouquets are photographed before leaving the studio and inspected by our delivery team prior to hand over. 

Flowers will last 4-7 days provided they are cared for correctly and not adversely affected by the temperature, humidity and sunlight exposure of where they are kept by the recipient. 

To ensure your flowers last for long as possible:

1. Your bouquet should be unwrapped and cared for per instructions enclosed immediately upon delivery.

2. Recipient is advised that once unwrapped, stems should be cut on an angle (in or under running water if possible) as soon as you receive the flowers and placed into a vase full of fresh water to rehydrated them after time out of water for delivery.

3. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight and minimise exposure to heaters and draughts. 

4. Ensure the vase used is throughly cleaned with plenty of fresh water. All stems should be a minimum of 3cm submerged below the waterline.


The sender is responsible for provision of correct and accurate delivery details. Return to incorrectly supplied delivery locations and redelivery services and not available.

Conditions of Sale include the senders agreement for items to be left unattended in the event the recipient is not home or available. 

Amalfi Floral Design is not responsible for theft, loss or damage as a result of unattended deliveries.