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Positano is a truly delectable combination of sorbet colours features the most premium of floral produce.

Combining reflexed roses, phalaenopsis orchids and seasonal complimentary extras, you can expect soft pinks, lilacs, blue and sherbert orange tones in your bouquet.

Our bouquets are almost exact to the image shown. The composition of the bouquet described and pictured are guaranteed so there are no surprises upon receipt. There may be slight variation in colour/shade or exact varieties depending on market availability and seasonality. Amalfi will exercise discretion on your behalf to create the freshest and most beautiful bouquet. 

Amalfi uses only the premium florals, with each bouquet made to order. Our long lasting flowers continue to bloom after they are received! 

Each bouquet is gift wrapped in our premium signature tissue and luxury white paper, tied deliciously with flowing ribbons for a beautiful finish.

Care and styling instructions are supplied and an Amalfi Original Collage Magnet is included, complimentary.

Your “Message for the Tag” will be handwritten on your behalf.

The size featured is the The Juicy Bouquet.

The Babe Bouquet will include a selection of hand reflexed roses and tall delphinium.

The Juicy Bouquet is larger than the Babe Bouquet and will also include the lilac orchid in the featured image.

The Big Love Bouquet is designed to be seen from any angle and makes for a wonderful centrepiece.

The Ultimate Bouquet is for the ultimate wow factor and include two phalaenopsis orchids and additional complimentary flowers.

The Decadent Vase Arrangement is perfect for events or sending your love to someone who deserves to be spoiled.

Amalfi Bridal Bouquets are the answer to simple elopements or low flower weddings - we create a perfectly finished bouquet, featuring hand reflexed roses, an hot pink phalaenopsis orchid and delivered in a gorgeous box in fresh water.

As flowers are a product of nature, you'll need to trust Amalfi to make choices for the best combinations of the freshest produce, however, we assure you that you'll be delighted with the result - every time!